Work doesn’t Speak Itself : U Speak Up

Your Work doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Knowingly or Unknowingly You’re already Telling a Story About your work.

Every Email / Text / Blog Comment / Tweet / Photo / Video, You Send
— They’re all Bits and Pieces of a multimedia narrative you’re constantly constructing from your WORK

There is a thoughtful Quote on Story Telling:
“ The Cat sat on a Mat, is not a Story. But, the Cat sat on the Dog’s mat, is a Story “ — John Le Carre

Every Client presentation, Every Personal essay,
Every Cover Letter / Resume, Every Fund-Raise Request / Sales Contract Bid
— They are All Pitches

To make a Good Pitch, set up in 3 Acts : Past > Present > Future

  1. PAST : where you have been, what you want, what you have done so far
  2. PRESENT : what you are now, how you have used your current resources
  3. FUTURE : where you are going, how exactly the person you’re pitching can help you get there.

During Story Telling / Pitch / Public Speaking, 3 Things are Important:

1) Audience

Always keep your Audience in Mind.
Speak to them Directly in plain Language. Value Their time. Be Brief.

2) About U

About You / Bio : 2 Sentence explanation is usually what the World wants from us. Keep it short and sweet.
Don’t get cute. Don’t brag. Just state the facts.

3) Teach what You Know

The minute you learn something, turn around and teach it to Others. Share your Reading List.
Create some tutorials and post them Online. Take People step-by-step through part of your process.

People Always feel closer to your Work, because You’re letting them in on what you know.

“A Free Education that goes on for a Lifetime.”

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