The Second Brain : Ultimate Way of Productivity & Getting Things Done

1. Digital note taking system

  • Technique for building — Personal Knowledge Management
  • Collect all the data (thoughts, ideas, research, reading, images, videos etc.), and then process All of them for your Second Brain
  • Identify your own Quick & Efficient Note-Taking Apps:
    Networked Thoughts : Roam Research (Paid), RemNote (Free)
    - Personal Workspace :
    Notion (Free)
    Librarian / Just keeping Jotting down:
    Evernote, Apple Notes, Google Keep
    - On-the-fly Short Notes:
    Drafts (iPhone, Apple Watch, Voice record)

2. Borrowed Creativity

  • Understand and read between the lines :)

3. Capturing Habit

  • If you come across any idea, any thoughts around you anytime => then, Start making the notes of it
  • Why we should Keep capturing it, because our Brain cannot hold it for long
  • Try to Sync your Entire Personal Eco-System like Reading articles, Book Highlights, Research Notes, Workplace / Business Notes, Journal etc.- For that, you can use any Notes taking App mentioned above.

4. Idea Recycling

  • Idea has no single use. So important thing is -
  • Otherwise all your important but raw ideas/ thoughts will become the Dump like a Garbadge with No-Use.

5. Project over the Categories

  • Don’t just gather all the details, but keep Creating the Categories and move them all under it.
  • One of the Great Productivity Books — Getting Things Done , which is based on “ The Art of Stress-free Productivity , shares the Idea that -

6) Slow Burns

  • Heavy lift — If you will pick any one big project / Goal to accomplish, and keep doing it until that finishes, Then It will block all the on going sometimes Important things, which will end as frustration..
  • Don’t pick just any one and make it a Life : But, Move slowly with all of them, by giving Consistent & Parallel performance.

7) Start with Abundance

  • If you want to Write any Article or Work on Any Topic for your Project or Research then, we try to start from blank page > Think, How to write > Plan, what to write etc…
  • But in place, If you would have Second Brain Note taking app, then you can just search the thought there and you will get bunch of notes to help with Videos / posts etc, so -

8) You only Know, What you Make

  • If you will just reading/ watching a Football/ Cricket Matche, then you won’t become a Good Player. For that, you have to Play & Run on Ground !

9) Make it Easier for your Future Self

10) Keep your Ideas Moving

  • If you Don’t Convert them into Meaningful Idea, or
    Don’t make it Actionable thing, or Don’t apply it to your Life,
    then, It’s just a Waste
  • Don’t worry about the system, because there is
    No Perfect System | No Perfect Note Taking App



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