Life is Long if you know How to Use It

1) Life is Short if you Waste it on Trivialities

2) Busyness doesn’t equal Fulfillment

Say a Ship left port and spent the Next Year being thrown about by a mighty storm.
It would be inaccurate, to claim that, during this time, it had steered a successful and purposeful course, even if it did make it safely back to harbor.

3) Educate Yourself by the World’s Greatest Minds

Pick your Philosopher, and Discover new ways to tackle Life, for the Everyday inessential to universal preoccupations.

4) Draft your Career to Your Personality

5) True Satisfaction comes from Within

Concluding in 1 Line

Live a Fulfillment Life, you shouldn’t see Immediate validation or base your worth upon the judgement of others. Instead, draw on the Knowledge and wisdom of those who have gone before you.



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