Everything about: Strategic Thinking

I would like to share this Article from my “Training Notes” on “Strategic and Critical Thinking” — from Corporate Webinars & Paid-Sessions.

Strategic thinking can be applied anywhere in your Corporate Life, Business Deals, Startups and Day-to-Day Personal Life as well, while dealing People, Colleagues, Customers / Strangers !!

1) Embrace Strategic thinking

Questioning Assumptions:
- Why do we do it that way?
- What is the need and how to achieve that etc.

2) Observing

Always Try to Observe the Big Picture in your mind to Things you are Managing, Monitoring or Doing — Project, Team, Progress,

3) Reflecting

Adopt the Mindset because breakthrough ideas come with spark and instance

Now, Let’s Apply it → Decide below things, first

i) Goals : Short term and Long Term
Tactics: Activities that make your Goals, Strategy and Vision come to Life

Now, Apply Strategic Thinking to Get More Details to Achieve It:

  1. Map your Assets : Skills, Experience, Knowledge
    (As per Above #1 Questioning Assumptions)
  2. What Relationships can you Top — Your Boss > Who is planning you as next Manager, Identify Obstacles : People, Culture, Availability of Resources
    (As per above #2 Observing)
  3. Break your Strategy Down into Specific Steps / Action items, which you can derive from #1 and #2 with ETA if possible.
    (As per above #3 Reflecting)

Now, How to Check whether Your Strategy is on Right Track or Not

  1. Identify Your Assumptions
  2. Evaluate the Progress at Regular Intervals or After Achieving Specific Milestone
  3. Get Input and Feedback Beforehand from the Team / Colleagues
  4. Strategic Thinking is On-Going Process: You Can Win — if you follow with Discipline
  5. You Can Win — By Sticking with Only One Thing & not jumping different things one-by-one !!

Make Strategic Thinking a Habit:

  1. Schedule a Strategic Thinking Planner
  2. Make Accountability Partner

That’s It about Entire — “Strategic Thinking”. Hope you liked It !!

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