Eat That Frog : Quick Book Summary

How to beat Procrastination & Getting things Done:

  1. 80/20 Rule : Include 2 Tasks in Every 10 which are Most Important to Achieve
  2. Use ABCDE Method to prioritize : List down all the tasks or things to be done. Tag each item as ABCDE where A stands for Highest Priority
  3. Imagine you are going on Surprise Vacation Tomorrow → What would you have to do Before Leaving ? Those are the Tasks you should Take Care Right Away

10 Life Changing Ideas to Apply from the Book — “Eat that Frog”:

  1. Figure out Who You Are & What You Want to Achieve in Life, with Clarity.
  2. Confront Your Limitations → Plan your time → And, Eat That Frog !!!
  3. Focus with 100% willpower for your Goal, Until It’s Done.
  4. Find your Unique Talent > Maximize Its Potential > Keep Learning.
  5. Your Thoughts will Create Your Reality. So, Strive for Optimism. Find the Good in Every Situation.
  6. 8 Hours of Sleep Every Day.
  7. Positive Thinking empowers You. It will give more confidence and Creativity.
  8. Remind Yourself Everyday that How Great You ! And, eventually, you’ll start believing in yourself.
  9. Figure out What’s Holding You Back — Do Not Blame Job, Business, Families or any situation for your Failure.
  10. Break Time slots to achieve Maximum in Life and in Career like — 9 to 12 for Sales, 12–3 for Emails, 6–9 for Family etc.

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