5 Skills to Lead the Virtual Teams

1) Communication

  1. Provide Enough Details in One Go. Eliminate ambiguous communication
  2. Devote Time. Schedule Group as well as Individual Regular Meetings
  3. Must use of Collaboration Tool — Teams, Slack, Skype etc.

2) Emotional Intelligence

3) Lead with Empathy

  1. Use Webcams / Video conferencing to see facial expressions of your Team
  2. In this tough time, Family & Work-life have fused for many. Therefore, Take Time to Listen and Understand how you can help them.
  3. Provide Resources to upskill themselves
  4. Encouraging them to establish communication outside your relationships

4) Real Expectations

  1. Use online monitoring / Document sharing / project management tool to measure the performance
  2. Educate and Develop Practice to Use Tools to increase Productivity
  3. Empower yourself with learning about Virtual Performance Tracking

5) Proactiveness




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