3 Surprising Facts about Ambitions

1) Desire vs Ambition

Desire you can take it as — Wants, on-the-fly thoughts, FOMO, Luxury needs etc.
While, Ambitions are like your Goals with the Life / Career/ Finance

Ex. I want to Earn $1 Million is like Desire for living Luxurious Life, But I want to Setup $1 Billion Business / Startup is your Ambition.

2) As soon as we Grow, Ambitions would Change

Think of your Ambition when you were in School — Wanted to become Scientist, Footballer, Cricketer / even an Actor !

Think of your Ambition when you were in College / pursuing Graduation — Software engineer, Writer, Mathematician etc..

Just Look at Where You are & what’s Your Current Ambition.
That’s Obvious and It should be — That’s the Life.

If you will Force to keep the same ambition you had in the child even if whatever Life/ situations you are in — Either You will Lose the fulfillment or the Moments You should Enjoy With !!

3) Ambitions should match with the Opportunities

Ambitions and Opportunities are 2 sides of the Coin.

If you Do Not want to change the Ambition, then either Control the opportunities which can align with your Ambitions/ Generate new Opportunities which can help you to take it there

Best thing you can do for your Life is — “Opportunities should come by design not by Luck => It will help you to achieve all the Ambitions

Hope you like it !

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