10 Simple, but Sharp Life Lessons

Summarize, All 10 Learnings, which are Simple, But Sharp to Apply:

  1. Do not Always follow other’s opinion. Put your Points
  2. If you Do Not Ask, Then Answer is Always NO
  3. Always Make Eye Contact.
    Active Listening & Transparency will Strengthen the Relationships
  4. To Grow in your Business, Finance or even in Life :
    Follow Fundamentals, Use Proven Methods — Autobiography, Case Studies
  5. Avoid These 5Cs : Criticize, Complain, Curse, Cry, Compare
  6. Develop Perfection & Intensity → This will lead to Bring you at Height
  7. Do Not be Available Too Much for Others.
  8. Keep Learning, Follow Good Habits & 1% Improvement Everyday
  9. Be Realistic, Clear and Specific with Commitments & Goals
  10. Go Extra Mile to Help.
    Be Proactive Especially with Bad News →Share solution softly



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